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Nicke Sebbas

From small pubs and large dance halls in Finland to ski resorts and restaurants in Sweden – Nicke Sebbas, born 1974 in Vasa, Finland, has been a fulltime troubadour/entertainer since 1998.

Nicke has a wide background in music: Finnish dance band music, studies in classical music studies, hard rock, and pop music, a bit of everything except for jazz. For two years he worked as a "live jukebox" in Radio Extrem, one of the largest radio stations in Finland; he’s rocked the French Alps with a trio a couple of seasons, been a season musician in Swedish Riksgränsen for several years, played on sunny beaches around Scandinavia, entertained in ice hockey rinks... You might also have seen him aboard blue/white and red/white cruise ships, in saloons… The list is getting longer as we speak...


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Nicke Sebbas / E-mail: / Phone: +46 70 616 85 65 or +358 400 81 95 65


The band got started with good intentions to become one of the top Swedish dance bands in Finland. It didn’t work out. When the band started playing all the songs from the troubadour years, a cover-band with a wider repertoire than most others was suddenly born!

Collection have played most of the Finnish west-coast, entertained a lot of people at private parties, made the snow roll in Swedish Riksgränsen, made one new years eve unforgettable in Kiruna, lived to tell about the most crazy gig EVER in a summer-restaurant in Piteå, played Swedish dance band music for a LOT of people at the famous Pite Havsbad in Sweden...

Don’t hesitate to e-mail or give Nicke a call if you have any questions!

: +46 70 616 85 65 or +358 400 81 95 65

Also see the tourplan on page Spelplan.

Less Is More

After too many years of carrying all the gear himself, everything changed when a percussionist/singer came along. At present, the most common questions are:”How can two guys sound like an entire band? Without using any pre-recorded stuff? And still have so much fun?!?” The name we chose for us is Less Is More!